5 Common Furnace Problems and Solutions

Have you been having trouble with your furnace? Has your furnace stopped working? These are the top 5 problems (and solutions) that you may experience with your furnace at home!

Now that the cold weather is starting to set you, you may start to have some issues with your furnace. Thankfully, many of these issues have easy and simple fixes to them. The first step you should take is seeing if your HVAC system has power; if not you may want to try and flip the switch on your breaker to get it working again. If the power is not the issue, there are some other things you can check out for yourself, before calling a technician.

Here are the 5 main problems and solutions that you may be experiencing with your furnace:

#1 PROBLEM: Thermostat isn’t working

Solution: If you notice that your heat isn’t coming on, the first thing you may want to do is check the batteries. You want to change the batteries if necessary, and while you’re at it maybe give your thermostat a good dusting inside!

If that doesn’t seem to work, check where the thermostat is located. If the thermostat receives too much sunlight, or is in close proximity to a heat source, it may cause the readings to be a bit off.

The last thing you can do is try to reboot your thermostat. Keep your thermostat set to heat but turn the temperature down to about 15º Celsius (approximately 60º Fahrenheit). Then, turn the breaker switch off for 30 seconds and turn it back on. If that doesn’t work, you may want to call an expert!

#2 PROBLEM: Unit not turning on

Solution: You should check the emergency shutoff switch for the unit. The switch is usually mounted outside of the room in which your furnace is located in. This switch can sometimes be accidentally switched off and will cut all power to the unit, which will stop your HVAC system from operating.

#3 PROBLEM: Dirty filter

Solution: If you do not swap out your old filter, it can cause many issues, not to mention significantly increasing your energy bill. To ensue that your furnace is working properly and not on overdrive, make sure to change your filter once every 1-2 months. Here’s how you can: Turn your furnace off, find the proper filter for your furnace, remove the old filter in your furnace, replace it with the new one, and turn the unit back on.

#4 PROBLEM: Furnace isn’t igniting

Solution: Do you notice that your furnace clicks as though it is about to turn on, but then goes silent and doesn’t end up starting? If you have already checked the power source, inspected the thermostat, and changed the filter, the pilot light or the ignition sensor is probably the issue. In order to fix it you must start by turning off the gas to your furnace. After that you are to remove the front panel and find the igniter or ignition sensor, which is typically located near the burners. Check to see if the igniter or ignition sensor is dirty. If it is, remove the ignition sensor with a screwdriver and give it a good clean, being extra careful that you do not cause any damage to it. Then put it back exactly as you found it and replace the panel before turning the gas back on. If you do not feel comfortable doing this on your own, make sure to call an expert technician!

#5 PROBLEM: Furnace has blown a fuse

Solution: If you notice that your furnace keeps blowing a fuse when the heat starts to kick in, it is most likely an electrical issue. These types of issues tend to be a bit tricky, because there are numerous causes, and messing around with electrical wiring could be very dangerous. It ensures that you keep you and your family safe, you want to make sure that you call an expert to come in and check out your electrical system. They’ll look inspect your electrical system to ensure that there is no loose wires or water contact, as well as checking that the fuse size is correct and that your thermostat has not failed.

While many common furnace issues can be fixed without calling in the professionals, it’s important to have your furnace professionally serviced once a year, especially if you’re not comfortable performing some of the necessary maintenance tasks.

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