What Are Common Air Conditioning Problems?

EM Air Systems Inc., experts are here with some of the most common cooling problems in the Greater Toronto Area:

1. No Cool Air

If you can hear your air conditioning system running but there isn’t cool air coming out, you may need to have the refrigerant levels of your air conditioner evaluated. Refrigerant is what helps to make sure that the air blowing from your air conditioning system is actually cool. Call EM Air Systems Inc., and we will come and examine your refrigerant levels and look into why your air conditioning system is not producing cool air.

2. Fan Won’t Rotate

A reason your condenser fan isn’t rotating could be that it is simply burned out and you require a replacement. Humidity can cause more condensation, so another thing to watch for is if the water is not draining properly or if the drain is blocked or clogged. If you can check for these things, you may be able to find the problem; if not give EM Air Systems a call and we will look into what has stopped your condenser fan from rotating.

3. Not Cooling Properly

First try decreasing the temperature on your thermostat, because sometimes we do tend to forget to turn the temperature down. After that, if you are continuing to notice that your air conditioner is not cooling, take a look at your air conditioners air filter. Sometimes the air filter may become blocked, which can lead to major cooling issues. Another reason that may cause insufficient cooling is that your air conditioner is not properly sized; this is a common issue that arises when homes are being constructed. If needed, EM Air Systems Inc can come and evaluate your system to determine if the size of your air conditioner is what is causing you problems.

4. System is Short Cycling

If your system is short cycling, or turning on or off continuously, it could mean one of several things. One, is that your condenser or evaporator can possibly be dirty and is in need of a cleaning. Once the unit is cleaned and all clogs removed, you will probably find that your air conditioner is running a lot better. Another thing to remember is that humidity also plays a part in heating and cooling your home. If you set your thermostat to the correct cool temperature, your home will cool to that temperature, but then the humidity may cause your home to warm up again. This can result in an on-again, off-again air conditioning system because your system is having to work harder in order to keep your home cool and comfortable.


No matter your problem, or whatever air conditioning problem you may run into, EM Air Systems is here for you! Our main motive is to get your home as comfortable for you as possible.

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