5 Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit Running Well


Summer is upon us and with that comes hot weather, and summers in the Greater Toronto Area are getting hotter and hotter. There have been several humid days already and air conditioners in Woodbridge and York Region have been working overtime. Having an air conditioner that is in good condition is vital at this time of year.

E-M Air Systems Inc., the leading supplier of affordable air conditioners in Woodbridge, tells their customers there are steps they can take to make sure that their air conditioner is running at its best throughout the summer. We also recommend having our technicians visit your home to inspect your air conditioner at least once a year; before the weather gets too warm is the best time.

However, there are steps you can take to ensure that your air conditioner keeps running efficiently throughout the summer:

  1. Change Air Filters: We recommend that you change your indoor filters every three months or at the beginning of each heating and cooling season. Always make sure that the filter is the right size and that it fits properly.
  2. Clean Your Outdoor Unit: If you have a central air unit located outside your home, keep it free of debris by using light water pressure to clean it. You should also make sure that any bushes or shrubbery are trimmed well back from your unit.
  3. Maintain a Good Airflow: Keeping a good airflow prevents the buildup of moisture which can lead to mould, which in turn can lead to a variety of health issues. For both indoor and outdoor units, keep the vents open to maintain airflow.
  4. Keep Duct Grills Clean: This should be one of your spring cleaning chores. Clean every vent and grill opening, either by wiping them with a rag or vacuuming.
  5. Keep the Condensate Drain Open: A backed-up condensate drain can cause expensive water damage. To ensure that this does not happen, keep it clear and open at all times.

While following these steps will greatly extend the life of your air conditioning unit, you will eventually need to have it replaced. When that time comes, call on us and our certified technicians will install your new unit at an affordable cost. Or if you own an apartment or condominium, we also offer air conditioners in Woodbridge at our conveniently located showroom.

E-M Air Systems Inc. also carries the best, most reliable brands that will last for years. Enjoy a cool, comfortable environment with our air conditioners in Woodbridge.


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