The Advantages of Ductless Air Conditioning & Heating

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Having central air installed, especially in older homes that don’t have forced air ductwork, can be a costly prospect, but you’ll want to stay cool this summer. That’s why E-M Air Systems, the leading provider of HVAC in the Greater Toronto Area, recommends purchasing a ductless air conditioner.

If you’re looking to replace that bulky, drippy old air conditioning unit you currently have mounted in your window, a split ductless system is the solution for you as well. These systems are ideal for new additions to a home, retrofits, finished basements, and sunrooms. Turn to ductless systems from E-M Air Systems to provide you year-round comfort.

Homeowners in Europe and Asia have enjoyed the comfort that ductless air conditioning units provide for years, and they are now beginning to catch on in North America. E-M Air Systems is proud to offer ductless air conditioning units from Mitsubishi and Toshiba, two of the top electronics manufacturers in the world.

We carry a variety of ductless heating and cooling units from Toshiba-Carrier, including the RAS series. These energy-efficient models are extremely quiet and require no ductwork. We carry four units complete with digital controls, and best of all, you’re eligible for a federal tax credit when you purchase an RAS model.

The 40QAQ/38QRR and 40QAC/38HDR offer solutions to spot cooling and unique load situations. The units can also be fitted to an existing ceiling to provide excellent heating and cooling. Other options we offer include the 40KMQ/38QRF and 40KMC/38HDF, which provide the same powerhouse heating and cooling in ultra-compact models. Thanks to these products, you can have multiple rooms cooled with a single outdoor unit.

Additionally, we also offer Carrier’s Comfort Series EEZ system. Mount these units to your wall for variable speed comfort that’s low-voltage, so you’ll also save on your heating bills.

Regardless of the ductless air conditioning and heating unit you decide on, we offer limited warranties on all the units we carry. Contact E-M Air Systems or check out our ductless products page for more information.

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