What does a humidifier do?

In essence a humidifier allows you to adjust the amount of moisture in the air of your dwelling.

Why is a humidifire important?

A correct moisture balance is vital in home comfort and to control heating costs…see topics below.

How does it effect my confort?

Air that is too dry is not comfortable for three reasons:

  1. It allows uncomfortable static electricity to build up – static is unpleasant to people and pets and can be fatal to consumer electronics.
  2. Dry air is hard on your nose and throat.
  3. Dry air makes your house feel colder as perspiration on your skin evaporates very easily in dry air.

How does it effect my health?

Dry air is hard on the mucus membranes which rely on keeping moist to work at defending your body from viruses, bacteria and environmental contaminants.

How does it effect my possessions?

Dry air and changes in humidity cause warping and splitting of wooden furniture and other wooden items. It will also mean more watering of plants and more refilling of aquariums. Dry air and attendant static can ‘kill’ a computer or damage consumer electronics – that is why, in most offices there are static mats and other static control devices where computers are in use.

“Dry air can affect not only your quality furniture but even affect your beautiful wooden floor!”

How it saves money?

A home humidifier saves money three ways. The most direct way is to allow you to set a lower temperature on your thermostat and still be comfortable. Secondly, a humidifier prevents damage to wooden furniture and floors. Thirdly, proper humidification may help prevent health issues




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