What about air cleaners?

You may have heard of – or live in – an R2000 super-insulated house. What you may, or may not, realize is that all houses built in Canada in the last twenty years, or longer, are heavily insulated. Many older houses have been extensively upgraded too. As you know, this is a good thing – you save money and energy. However, everything has a price. Modern houses don’t breath the way houses used to do. They are nearly air-tight due to heavy insulation and the deployment of vapour barriers. This means that such houses trap moisture and air pollutants in your household air. In such houses the only way to get fresh, clean air without destroying the benefits of insulation is to install an Air Exchanger System.

Benefits of an air exchanger system:

For a healthy indoors – a constant supply of fresh air all year ‘round.
Energy savings – keeps warmth in while expelling stale air.
Reduces excess moisture in the summer.
Exhaust stale indoor air – along with pollutants, such as radon, formaldehyde and all other contaminants.
Reduced odours and smoke.
Reduced Air conditioner load by removing excess moisture in incoming fresh air.

“If your house has been built in the last 20 years or has been substantially upgraded for insulation and/or vapour barriers, we strongly urge you to check your need for an HRV”




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