How does a gas fireplace work?

A Gas Fireplace burns either natural gas (this is typical in the GTA) or propane. Propane is popular where houses are not on gas company gas-mains. While the burners are slightly different, they are interchangeable and any model can be provided as either a natural gas or propane model. All gas fireplaces have a burner. Older gas fireplaces have a pilot light for ignition, newer models have electronic ignition, saving money and energy.

Gas fireplaces are easy to use, you turn on the wall switch and the fireplace ignites providing you with all the intimacy and warmth of a wood burning without the fuss!

Can it save me money?

Gas fireplaces can save you money, two ways. The first way is to eliminate chimneys or to seal the chimney pipe away from your homes warm air. This eliminates your heated warm air from continuously going up a chimney.

The second way to save money is to turn down the heating of your furnace if you intend to spend a few hours in the room with the gas fireplace. The fireplace will produce sufficient heat to keep you warm while you enjoy the fire.

Which gas fireplaces will save me the most money?

All gas fireplaces will save you about the same amount of money.

Which type of fireplace will work best in your home?

Installation Type:

Existing Chimney

Gas fireplaces can be retrofitted to an existing fireplace opening or to use an existing chimney which may need a new liner.

Direct Vent

Gas fireplaces can also be direct vented. That means that a vent (similar to a dryer vent) is installed. Of course the vent needs a path to an outdoor wall and certain technical restrictions apply. However, broadly speaking, direct venting means you can have a gas fireplace almost anywhere.


Gas fireplaces can be installed in a wall cavity or in an exiting fireplace opening. They can also be free-standing. Very dramatic effects can be created by gas fireplaces installed in dividing walls, visible from two or three sides and fireplaces that are completely free standing. The flame of a gas fireplace has much improved in recent years and gas log sets are now available in various different (emulated) wood species such as birch, oak and pine.

Modern gas fireplaces are realistic, safe and a joy to live with. The many possibilities are best explored by talking to one of our professionals who'll help you choose the right model for you.

Which is right for me?

It is impossible to say exactly what type of gas fireplace is right for you. Most people nowadays chose a gas fireplace for its convenience, safety and economics as well as appearance over costly wood-burning fireplaces and the range of choices is large. Free-standing or built in, traditional style or modern (click here for accessories), plain for fancy. With so many choices it is really best to talk to one of our qualified professionals who are familiar with all the choices and possibilities. Email us today and a fireplace expert will answer all your questions.




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