History of GTA Heat Alerts


Toronto, Canada (PRWEB), July 11, 2014 – E-M Air Systems Inc. (www.EMAir.ca), the leading provider of custom commercial, residential, and industrial air conditioning (A/C) and heating repair, maintenance, and installation services in the Greater Toronto Area, is addressing the recent history of heat alerts in the GTA.


“Each year, Toronto Public Health monitors heat alerts between May 15 and September 30 and records them in a chart. These alerts are important because they offer some insight into when extreme heat is likely to occur,” says Enzo Colosimo, founder of E-M Air Systems Inc. “History is usually a good indicator for future weather patterns, so these alerts should be taken into consideration.” (Source: “Alert Statistics – Heat Alert and Extreme Heat Alert,” City of Toronto web site; http://app.toronto.ca/tpha/heatStats.html, last accessed July 3, 2014.)


Colosimo advises that both infants and the elderly are particularly at risk and special attention should be paid to these advisories, with some kind of plan in place to protect these groups. Extreme heat is a serious thing; while there are stories of pets being left in cars and passing away from heat, young children and seniors are equally as susceptible and need to take extra precautions.


“According to the chart, last year alone, July had one heat alert and four extreme heat alerts. Going back just two years to 2012, July had four heat alerts and seven extreme heat alerts,” Colosimo adds. “That should tell GTA residents that July is the month they need to prepare for; using this chart as a reference, it is the month in which extreme heat alerts seem to be happening the most.”


Colosimo suggests that all homeowners and residents ensure their air conditioners and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are working properly. If the air conditioner or HVAC system needs to be fixed, those repairs should be completed before July. And if necessary, residents should contact a company that specializes in air conditioner installations.


“Air conditioners and heating and cooling systems should be tested often before any extreme weather kicks in,” he notes. “Furthermore, for homeowners in new homes, don’t forget that while a subdivision is under construction, opening windows may not be an option due to heavy dust from construction, meaning a central air conditioner needs to be installed.”


“It’s imperative to stay cool inside one’s home,” Colosimo “The staff at E-M Air Systems Inc. are experts at air conditioner installations and can quickly replace old or non-functional air conditioners with top-of-the-line brands.”


E-M Air Systems Inc. has been installing custom commercial, residential, and industrial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in the new construction and retrofit market in Southern Ontario since 1987. Because E-M Air Systems Inc. designs every HVAC system it installs and manufactures the duct work in its own sheet metal shop, clients do not have to rely on outside firms for costly blueprints or work; this translates into greater value and the industry’s most competitive pricing. E-M Air Systems Inc. is a member of the Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI), the Canadian Home Builders Association, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, the Technical Safety and Standards Authority (TSSA), and the Residential Heating Ventilation Contractors Association (RHVCA). To learn more about E-M Air Systems Inc, visit the company’s web site at www.EMAir.ca or call E-M Air Systems Inc. toll-free 1-800-893-6793.

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Jack Marrano

Jack Marrano is a native of Toronto Ontario where he has had a career in the HVAC industry spanning over 38 years and counting. He was the past president of the Toronto-Residential Air Handling Group and is also a licensed gas fitter and steam fitter. Jack is also a proud member of the HRAI and has been involved in some of southern Ontario’s largest new construction project installing HVAC systems. Add me to your G+