Which Air Conditioning [A/C] System is Best For Me?

There are several major considerations in choosing an A/C System:

Is it the Right Size and Capacity to Cool My Space Properly?

This is one of the commonest sources of trouble – too much or too little capacity for the space to be cooled. Each of these can cause serious problems! Too little and the unit won’t cool your home on a hot, humid day. Too much and the unit will cycle on and off too frequently, substantially impairing your system’s efficiency – and your wallet! This is where a reputable HVAC contractor such as ourselves should be called in.

How Long Should it Last?

For high quality brands such as those carried by E-M Air carries, exclusively, and assuming proper maintenance a system will last an average of fifteen years.

Is it Quiet Enough?

The noise generated by an air conditioning unit is measured in BELs. The lower the BEL number, the quieter the unit. The best way to think about noise and a/c’s is to ask yourself: “Where is the outdoor unit going to be put?” If it is far from key living areas, noise may not be a concern at all. However, if you do a great deal of outdoor entertaining or have to put the outdoor unit in a narrow space between two row houses, (or under the bedroom window!) the noise generated may become very important! EM carries some of the quietest machines available and can help you get the right machine for the space the outdoor unit needs to be installed in.




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