GeneralAire Multiple DUCT Mount Steam


Elite Series Multiple DUCT Mount Steam Humidifiers

Application: Elegant Styling designed to deliver "PURE STERILE STEAM" to maximize indoor air quality.

Multiple installation options:
Duct Mount or Remote Mount with Blower through the wall, 115V or 230V options, LCD Display with numerical and icon menu, constant monitoring and diagnostics. E2 Digital automatic humidistat.

Model DS35 = 35GPD / 12 lb. hour capacity
Model DS15 = 15GPD / 5.5 lb. hour capacity

Dry air is like a sponge
it soaks up moisture from wherever it can find it. When air becomes too dry, moisture is drawn from people, plants, wood, wool, cotton and even your pets. The results can be damaging, expensive and uncomfortable.

Humidity For Comfort
Research has shown that 35% to 60% relative humidity is ideal for today's homes. Outside this range, bacteria, fungi, viruses and mites thrive. Proper relative humidity provides a comfortable environment for your woodwork, your furniture, your plants, your pets and especially you and your family.

Humidity Can Save Money Too!
As moisture evaporates from your body, it cools the surface of your skin, making you feel cooler. Controlled humidity from GENERALAire's Elite Steam Humidifier allows you the luxury of dialing the thermostat back, thus reducing annual heating bills. For example, 68°F at 40% relative humidity feels just as warm as 74°F at 20% relative humidity. Setting your thermostat back by as little as three degrees can reduce annual heating bills by as much as 5%.


  • Multiple Installation Options
  • Duct Mount – Room Mount – Remote Mount
  • 120V and 240V options
  • Self contained immersed electrode design
  • Disposable steam generating cylinder
  • High water level and foam detection monitoring
  • Drain Tempering
  • Capacities from 5.5 lbs/hr to 12 lbs/hr
  • 20% adjustable capacity from rated max output
  • Integrated AHU fan relay for on demand humidification
  • LCD display with numerical and icon driven menu
  • Constant control monitoring and diagnostics
  • Pure sterile steam delivering


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